[osg-users] Object with two inependent animations only advance half-way

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Sat May 2 09:48:03 PDT 2020

To illustrate the problem better.  This is the scene structure:
      1. Shape (osg::Group) => Callbacks (update:  [ LeftFrameOpen 
LeftFrameClose RightFrameOpen RightFrameClose ])
       2. Block (osg::MatrixTransform) => Callbacks (update: Block)
        3. Block (osg::Geode)
       2. LeftFrame (osg::MatrixTransform) => Callbacks (update: LeftFrame)
        3. LeftFrame (osg::Geode)
       2. RightFrame (osg::MatrixTransform) => Callbacks (update: 
        3. RightFrame (osg::Geode)

The group node at level 1 (called Shape) has three child objects and an 
animation manager with 4 animations: LeftFrameOpen LeftFrameClose 
RightFrameOpen RightFrameClose.  Each child object has its own 
MatrixTransformUpdater to perform the animation.

If I do:
it plays OK till the end.

If I do:
it plays OK till the end.

But if I do:
both animations play half their duration.

Setting the data variance to dynamic on the root node didn't help.

On Thursday, April 30, 2020 at 5:07:36 PM UTC-7, Mauricio Franco wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a FBX object exported from Blender that have two parts.  The object 
> has two animations (one for each part).
> I call playAnimation for both parts at the same time but they only play 
> until half way the animation duration.
> If I play either animation it will play to the end.
> Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated,
> Mauricio.

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