[osg-users] Multiple key strokes handle in OSG

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Fri May 1 08:58:57 PDT 2020

Hi All.

I am using OSG in my Project. I Have a requirement to handle the 
combination keys from KeyBoard,For E.g ctrl + S , ctrl + q etc.

Seeing the documentation i have inherited my class from 
osgGA::GUIEventHandler and implemented handle virtual function to recieve 
the keyboard Events.

Here is my Handle Function

 bool MyKeyboardHandle::handle(const osgGA::GUIEventAdapter& ea, 
osgGA::GUIActionAdapter& aa)

    viewer = dynamic_cast<osgViewer::View*>(&aa);
    if (viewer)
        switch (ea.getEventType())
                if (ea.getModKeyMask() & 
                    if (ea.getKey() == osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::KEY_S)
                        //call my specific function here
.                      // I want to call my function here

    return false;

If i debug my program, i can see control reaching until this condition if 
(ea.getModKeyMask() & osgGA::GUIEventAdapter::MODKEY_CTRL) when i press 
combination keys( ctrl + s) . But next if condition fails where i am 
checking if the key pressed is 's'.

Can you guys guide me is my code correct to handle combination keys from 
keyboard, If you can guide to any examples, that will really helpful

Thanks & Rgds

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