[osg-users] Why does the computeshaderblur program not display properly?

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Wed Jun 24 04:45:39 PDT 2020

On Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at 13:13:23 UTC+1 mirr... at gmail.com wrote:

> sorry.My environment is win10 osg3.6.4 GTX1660Ti.
> I tried to write a Gaussian blur computeshader,but I don't know why 
> display error.
> [image: QQ图片20200623183156.png]
I don't personally have time to test all users code, so I'll just make 
suggestion of how you can investigate what the problem is.

For GL error report like this it's telling us that part of state is 
incorrect or incompatible with the hardware/driver.  the warning itself 
isn't fine grained enough to know exactly what state is the problem.  The 
OSG does provide some fine grained error checking which you can enable via 
the env var OSG_GL_ERROR_CHECKING to ON i.e. on linux you'd do

   myapplication mydata

Then have a look at the console output so what was the last osg state to be 
applied before the error was detected.  It doesn't always pinpoint the 
error but does usually get you closer.


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