[osg-users] What is the reason for using a texture image that is black on the basis of the osgmultiplerendertargets?

OpenSceneGraph Users osg-users at lists.openscenegraph.org
Tue Jun 23 01:27:42 PDT 2020

Putting a brief description in a subject then a whole file in the body
really isn't helpful as the first step in investigating problems.  Few
people are going to stop their own work, pull down your code, writing a
build script for it, get it compiled and try to recreate the problem,
especially when you don';t provide any actual information as to what the
problem might you are seeing.

The first step should be explaining what you are testing in high level
terms.  Which OS, what hardware, what OSG version, how you invoked the
application, a screenshot of what you see on screen.  If you are trying out
an OSG example, is it the exact one in OpenSceneGraph/examples, is it a
modified one?

For me the osgmultiplerendertargets is producing a yellow quad.  I'm not
the author of this example, so I assume it's correct.
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