[osg-users] Rendering double triangles as one quad

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Mon Jun 1 06:35:09 PDT 2020

Hello osg forum!

My current way of rendering mesh is through GL_TRIANGLES,  

indices = static_cast<osg::DrawElements*>(new osg::DrawElementsUShort(GL_TRIANGLES));

here is an example of a cube face mesh 


, where i push in the indices as 0,1,2,2,3,0. 

What i would like to accomplish is creating a facet of vertex 0,1,2,3 by 
drawing triangles but without visualizing the diagonal line, so that it 
looks like one single quad. if i draw my elements using GL_LINE_LOOP i 
accomplish this but that creates complications as the osg intersector does 
not work since no facets are being created. 

How would you go about solving this issue? Naturally, im flexible in how i 
generate my mesh, im writing the fragment/vertex shaders myself as well so 
if there is a way of hiding the line there its an option. 

Thanks in advance, i'll add more information if needed

//Best regards Dan

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