[osg-users] FFmpegImageStream thread safety

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Fri Jul 31 04:42:54 PDT 2020


I was just looking at FFmpegImageStream, I am not very familiar with this 
code, but I have some questions.

It is not immediately clear to me how FFmpegImageStream::publishNewFrame is 
thread safe.
It seems like the image data is set (setImage) from the video decoder 
The image then uses a pointer to one of the buffers of the video decoder 
(of which the contents might also change ?).

FFmpegImageStream also doesn't seem to override requiresUpdateCall, which I 
believe will result in the texture not being dynamic (Texture2D::setImage).
Which could be used, for example in StateSet::computeDataVariance(), to 
determine whether the StateSet should be dynamic (which is needed for 
multithreaded rendering).

If anyone could shed more light on this subject, it would be very much 

Thank you.



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