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Fri Jan 31 15:26:38 PST 2020

I have a scene built with a few objects loaded, the most pertinent one 
being a large plane surface centered at the origin. I want to cast a ray 
from a particular point at a particular angle inside the scene and get a 
list of everything it intersects—both the point of intersection and the 
Node object. Most examples of using intersectors involve picking from the 
window, so I haven't seen exactly what I wanted. But from what I've read, 
the following should at least be close:

    Vec3d start( 0.0, 0.0, 100.0 );
    Vec3d end( 0.0, 0.0, -100.0 );
    ref_ptr<LineSegmentIntersector> intsec = new LineSegmentIntersector( 
Intersector::MODEL, start, end );
    IntersectionVisitor iv( intsec.get() );
    viewer.getCamera()->accept( iv );
    cout << intsec->containsIntersections() << endl;

My start and end points in this snippet are well above and well below the 
surface object. So that plane object should definitely be intersected by a 
line running between them. However the containsIntersections function 
always returns false.

Immediately after making this preliminary test pick, the program calls 
viewer.run() so I know everything is arranged as expected in the scene. So 
my guess is that I'm missunderstanding how the visitor works. Perhaps the 
accept() function is not what I should be using to execute the intersector?

 ~ Chris

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