[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-3.6.5 release candidate 2 tagged, please test

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Thu Jan 30 06:38:42 PST 2020

Hi Chris,

I slowly closing in on the cause of the Font issue, currently it looks like
the removeView() is behaving differently form the CompositeViewer
destructor and not handling clean up of contexts correctly.  I need to
refactor how things are done internally, but expect to have a solution
checked in this afternoon.

This fix might remove the issue with the static initialization by cleaning
up Font GL objects before the viewers are entirely destroyed and prior to
static clean up.

On Wed, 29 Jan 2020 at 22:21, OpenSceneGraph Users <
osg-users at lists.openscenegraph.org> wrote:

> Also, Robert, I'm assuming you don't have a copy of Morrowind to test
> OpenMW with. Right now, Steam, GreenManGaming and Fanatical are all
> offering it for less than £4, but at least one of those sales ends in less
> than twenty hours. If you're not keen, £4 is a reasonable investment for me
> to make to increase cooperation between our projects, but it would help if
> you got back to me quickly.

Thanks for the tip.  I am not a gamer these days, way too many other things
competing with my time.  I also have enough dev work that I really don't
want to get sucked into another open source project, there really are too
many projects that use the OSG for me to start providing direct support for
these projects beyond what I can provide through the OSG forum/mailing
list.  Please remember there is one of me vs many OSG users/projects.

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