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Hi Anna,

On Wed, 29 Jan 2020 at 22:38, OpenSceneGraph Users <
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> In relation to the DefaultFont crash issue, I noticed that my code would
> occasionally crash on creation of osgText::Text.
> Most of my osgText::Text is not created on the main thread.
> In order to avoid the DefaultFont crash, I created a
> osg::ref_ptr<osgText::Font> necessaryFont =
> osgText::Font::getDefaultFont();
> which sticks around from the beginning of the program to the end and
> doesn't get used by anything.
> After I did this, my code no longer crashed on osgText::Text creation.
> The OpenSceneGraph version used is 3.6.4 and on both Windows (7 64-bit)
> and Linux (Ubuntu 16.04).
> Also when I was previously using OpenSceneGraph version 3.6.2,
> osgText::Text creation never crashed.

This sounds like a bug somewhere in the initialization of the Font, to
investigate I'll need to reproduce the problem on my system.

Does the multi-theaded test code path in osgtext fail for you as well:

       osgtext --mt

I have just tried this on my Kubunutu 18.04 system with the 3.6 branch and
it works fine.

Could you create a small test program that illustrates what you are doing?

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