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Hi Chris,

On Mon, 27 Jan 2020 at 23:51, OpenSceneGraph Users <
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> As I've mentioned in the past, I'm an OpenMW (note the single M)
> developer. It was actually me who reported the issues with the default
> font, and only a subset were resolved before you went on hiatus. I've lost
> the thread where we were discussing it as I'd bookmarked the forum thread,
> which is now dead. As I recall, though, my most recent minimal
> things-don't-get-relased-when-they-should example was resolvable by a
> couple of potential changes I suggested, but you said they'd have to wait
> until you could investigate more thoroughly, as it was in code no one had
> touched for a while, so could maybe upset other applications, or not
> exhaustively remove all such bugs.

The googlegroup has search options, here's what I get if I search for
OpenMW. it comes up with several threads with you contributing:


> I pretty much stopped trying to make OpenMW play nicely with 3.6.x when
> you disappeared as there wasn't much point if nothing would be mergeable
> until you had more time, and now you do, I don't have much.

I had to step back from the OSG support side as it consumes so much time
and mind-share, it's not really possible to tackle other complex work at
the same time so I'm having to block the OSG support side and not tackle
any complex other work during this period. I don't disappear completely, I
just step back.

Anyway, on to the matter at hand, I don't get the crash, but I'm missing
> some commits in the 3.6 branch, and also I still have one of my proposed
> fixes. I'm making things more upstream-like, and I'll add another sentence
> once everything's rebuilt.

If you have things you feel would be suitable to merge with the 3.6 branch
please make them. I can't review and provide feedback.  To properly judge
changes I do need to understand the motivation behind them, it may be that
the changes are workaround issues that are based solved in other ways.

> So after waiting an age for everything to rebuild, I got reminded that the
> occlusion query API got changed by Julien Valentine's recent PR. He made a
> PR for OpenMW that was supposed to resolve that, but obviously it didn't
> work until I tweaked it. Once I'd built everything, I tested it, and I'm
> not seeing the crash here. This is with a Debug build of OpenMW and OSG,
> and on Windows, and I don't think anyone else is using debug builds of
> both, especially not on Windows.

When you say not seeing the crash, I we talking about a different issue to
what Fabian was referring to?  Is Fabian working on the same versions of
OpenME and OSG as yourself?

I guess that means that I've not really given any more information beyond
> this not being something that happens for everyone. It might be dependent
> on other factors, so a more detailed description of how reliable the crash
> is and whether it's dependent on anything is needed before anyone can do
> anything on OpenMW's end.
> One thing of note is that the OpenMW profiler doesn't use the default font
> (at least on my machine). It uses a truetype one. I seem to remember seeing
> it use the default font in the past, and it's not impossible that this is
> toggled via a setting I've forgotten about, but I've had a good look and
> can't find one.

The OSG falls back to using the DefaultFont when the requested font can't
be found, so any chance this might be happening?  Something like font files
missing, case of the font being different - Windows isn't case sensitive so
when you move to a case sensitive OS you can see issues if there are errors
in the filename.

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