[osg-users] Clamping models to an osgTerrain

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 01:41:25 PST 2020

I don't know of any off the open sourced tools that do this for you.  It 
was always something I had on my wish list for VirtualPlanetBuilder but 
never had the time/funding to tackle it.

The post processing of paged database is something that has been done over 
the years for various purposes.  

Combing the TerrainTile height fields with cultral data - trees, roads, 
houses would require one to positioning of the cultral data to the 
appropriate height, then meshing the tile's height field taking into 
account the outlines/points of the cultural data being added if you want an 
exact match.  The remeshing will be the hardest part of this work, so I'd 
suggest tackling the positioning first then add the meshing later.

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