[osg-users] Performance drop in 3.6.4 vs 3.5.1

Anders Backman andersb at cs.umu.se
Wed Jan 8 06:31:18 PST 2020

Hi all.

Windows 10.
NVida GeForce RTX 2080.

I recently switched to 3.6.4 from 3.5.1 and noticed a huge drop in
performance, especially when running with two separate windows (two

1. I use *SingleThreaded mode*
2. I use  *m_viewer->setReleaseContextAtEndOfFrameHint(false);*
3.  I use *window->setSyncToVBlank(false);*

The above attributes are quite tightly connected to my issues.

But first, running osgViewer with those settings I get using a simple obj
file. Details not important, see below.
When loading a simple .obj file (couple of hundred triangles) into

*> osgViewer --window 0 0 1280 720*

3.5.1: 1900 fps. Draw 0.08ms
3.6.4: 2500 fps Draw 0.05ms

Now this already show something different between the two versions,
although perhaps not so relevant.

[image: image.png]

But if I start two instances of the viewer at the same time, I get a HUGE

3.5.1: Two windows, both run in ~2000fps, smoothly.
3.6.4: Two windows, fps varies between 80-1200fps. Animations are not
smooth at all (when spinning the model).

I also have a few more issues, but I have not been able to pin them down

I get small objects culled at a certain distance although they where not
culled in previous version.
Might be some change in how bounding volume update is handled in 3.6.4,
will know more later.

Anyone else noticed the performance drop/change in 3.6.4?


Anders Backman, HPC2N
90187 Umeå University, Sweden
anders at cs.umu.se http://www.hpc2n.umu.se
Cell: +46-70-392 64 67
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