[osg-users] ProgramBinary and shader composition - does it work?

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I have an application with several complex shaders. According to the
profiler some of them take a while to link (glLinkProgram), long enough to
cause a frame drop. This app cannot tolerate any frame drops so I was
looking into glProgramBinary as a possible mitigation. I'm open to other
ideas of course.

Glenn Waldron / osgEarth

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> Hi Glenn,
> On Wed, 19 Feb 2020 at 17:56, OpenSceneGraph Users <
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>> I was looking in the glProgramBinary support in osg::Program. I don't
>> *think* it is integrated with your "pragmatic" define-based shader
>> composition system. Specifically there doesn't seem to be a way to
>> associate a ProgramBinary with a particular defineString at the
>> PerContextProgram level.
>> Am I right? And if so will you consider a submission to make this work?
> When writing the #pragma(tic) shader composition functionality I was just
> focused on conventional GLSL compiled shaders, I didn't consider
> glProgramBinary, so no idea of how it might interact, I don't expect it
> would would work though as the main task of shader composition is
> compositing the shaders to compile and compiling these at runtime.
> Is there a reason why you are trying to the the glProgramBinary path?
> Robert.
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