[osg-users] AutoTransform cannot be picked up correctly

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Sat Feb 22 19:31:57 PST 2020

Thanks for your reply. I changed it based on osgPick, and since I only use 
OSG on Windows, I added those headers.

At present, I have no time to find out the problem. I have avoided this 
problem, and I will study it when I have time. Thanks again.

在 2020年2月19日星期三 UTC+8下午10:39:47,Robert Osfield写道:
> Thanks tor the test program. I've got it compile on my Linux system with 
> just removing the Windows headers you added, why were these added?
> I can confirm the problem, I can pick the cessna without the AutoTransform 
> by zooming in but not the one under the AutoTransform.  I haven't yet had a 
> chance to look into why this happening.  I'm really busy with other work 
> right now so can't look into this right away.   If you want to look into it 
> yourself I'd recommend stepping through how the 
> osgUtil::IntersectionTraversal is handling the AutoTransform.  It'll be a 
> bit non standard as the AutoTransform is view dependent, which the 
> IntersectionTraversal isn't view dependent so there is potential for the 
> two different traversals have differing solutions.  In your usage case your 
> wanting it to behave like IntersectiinTraversal assumes the same matrix 
> that that was computed for the rendering, however, this isn't the general 
> case, intersections can potentially can happen for any direction, or any 
> one of multiple views.

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