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Tue Feb 18 06:38:35 PST 2020

Hi Catalin,

None of the osgShadow technique support shadows that surround a point light 
source as you have in your scene.  This limitation is due the way that 
projective texturing is used for the shadow map, essentially you are 
limited to FOV from the light source to less than 180.

The only way to remove this limitation is to use multiple shadow maps, such 
as using a cube map for the shadow map.  None of the osgShadow techniques 
support this though so you'd need to implement this yourself.

The osgShadow shadow techniques are also limited to a single light source, 
to enable support for a number of light sources you have to built a 
separate shadow map for each light source.

For you application I would suggest handling spot lights with a single 
shadow map, and point lights that are within the volume as a cubemap, if 
you have directional lights then potentially you could use a single shadow 
map, though it's likely you'd want to make the the shadow map view 
dependent to avoid under sampling when you zoom into local areas.

I'm afraid general purpose shadowing is hard, it's a huge topic, it won't 
be just a case of tweaking bits of an existing implementation.  


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