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Sat Feb 15 03:20:37 PST 2020

Hi Nagendra?

On Saturday, 15 February 2020 05:37:53 UTC, Nagendra Babu Yeruva wrote:
> hii...
> i am new to opengl and openscenegraph. i am doing mtech in avionics stream.
> my mtech project is related to aircraft HUD symbology and Terrain creation 
> and terrain rendering.
> in my computer the opengl version is 1.1
> how can i upgrade this version and is it depends on os or graphics card.
> To creat terrain using textures and elevation data, which graphics card is 
> sufficient?

Microsoft only provide out of date OpenGL headers because... well they are 
monopoly and get to make it hard for competitors to work well on Windows.  

There are workarounds, and the OSG builds these in so where the modern 
OpenGL features are missing from the headers the OSG defines these 
automatically for you, and also at runtime queries for the modern 
features+extensions, this means you can effectively use all the features of 
the hardware without worrying about the limitations of what Microsoft 

The properties dialog you provide doesn't mention that actual hardware you 
have so there is no way for me to provide advice on just how capable it 
is.  All modern hardware is capable of running quite advanced OpenGL 
features, included embedded GPUs, some OpenGL drivers provided by the 
hardware manufactures can be a buggy though.  

Mostly I think you should be OK, just try our applications that have the 
features you want and if they work on your hardware you are good to go.  If 
you hardware is a real limit that using a add in card from NVidia or AMD is 
a way to go.  


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