[osg-users] Bug with applying global default attributes?

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Sun Feb 2 09:22:22 PST 2020

I can confirm the bug also exists on 3.6.5-rc3 branch.  I don't know if it 
pre-existed that.

I have too many dependencies to be able to share a model.  Simplistic 
models do not seem to exhibit the same behavior.

I'll keep trying to debug.  When is applyGlobalDefaultAttribute supposed to 
be called?  What sets these defaults?

In building rc3 I found some other issues:

There is a regression on rc3 where the install lib prefix is not set to 
64.  This is on CentOS 8 with cmake 3.11.4.  I had to set LIB_POSTFIX=64 on 
the cmake command line to install to the normal /usr/lib64.

There is also a pre-existing oddity in the sdl examples cmake, where 
SDLMAIN_LIBRARY is not found.  Shouldn't this be requiring SDL_LIBRARY 


On Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 12:09:39 AM UTC-8, OpenSceneGraph Users 
> Hi Rob,
> Have you tried the 3.6 branch?  Is the issue a regression?
> Could you provide a test model and screenshot of the results your are 
> getting vs expecting if possible.  
> Cheers,
> Robert.
> On Wed, 29 Jan 2020 at 19:41, OpenSceneGraph Users <
> osg-... at lists.openscenegraph.org <javascript:>> wrote:
>> I have been testing with trunk and have only come across one problem so 
>> far (this might not be a new issue).
>> I have a simple viewer set up with two nodes.  The first is loaded from 
>> an osgb.  Internally it sets the glBlendFunci(0, GL_MAX) via 
>> osg::BlendFunci.
>> The second node also sets glBlendFunci(0, GL_MAX).  This is a geode with 
>> a geometry node under it.  I am setting the blend attributes on the 
>> geometry state set.
>> At runtime the attribute on node two is set correctly but then 
>> immediately changed again by State::ApplyGlobalDefaultAttribute to 
>> GL_FUNC_ADD.  The blend equation is also stepped on in a similar way.  I 
>> am using apitrace to see the GL calls.
>> GL_FUNC_ADD is not part of either node that I can see.  However, this 
>> problem does not occur with, for example, axes.osgt used as node one.
>> I could use some advice on tracking down where this default value is 
>> coming from, and why it is overriding a specific node attribute like this.
>> Thanks,
>> Rob

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