[osg-users] Insert an image before a text

marco....@elmansrl.eu marco.maisano at elmansrl.eu
Tue Dec 15 23:30:45 PST 2020

Hi Guys,

I need to create a label, in which to insert a text and an image from .png 

The label with text ONLY has already been created, as below:

osg::ref_ptr<osgText::Text> text = new osgText::Text;
text->setText("Tryyyy text");
osg::ref_ptr<osg::Geode> textBoat = new osg::Geode;

Then, since I have few experience with osg::Image and osg::Text, I tried as 
solution, to implement a texture inside a StateSet to insert into a Geode,

osg::Texture2D* texture = new osg::Texture2D;
osg::StateSet* stateTex = new osg::StateSet();
stateTex->setTextureAttributeAndModes(0, texture, osg::StateAttribute::ON);

Then, the text is correctly created, but I don't have the image.....

Can anyone show me the right way to go?


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