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Thu Aug 13 04:32:50 PDT 2020


It's been a while since I tested rendering performance on my development 
machine and now I'm experiencing something vaguely familiar and quite 
annoying. Even with a very simple model, the statistics feature ('s') in 
the osgviewer application (3.6.4) reports a draw process taking over 
16ms so that the rendering just barely makes it at 60Hz, see the 
attached screenshot. Sometimes it drops down to a short draw after a 
while, for no apparent reason, but more often it stays this long.

This makes me doubt any further performance investigations, now knowing 
whether additional operations in a frame will make draw go over the 
16.7ms limit or not.

I vaguely recognize this from way back but I can't remember the cause, 
and I can't find anything about it in previous osg-users discussions. It 
feels like it's waiting for buffer swapping or something, and I wouldn't 
be surprised if it's something obvious that I should know. Maybe it's 
just the statistics reporting incorrectly? Does anyone recognize this 
and do you have any suggestions? It works on my older laptop but not on 
two of my desktop computers. My config below:

Intel i7-4790K 4GHz
GeForce GTX 970 with latest 451.67 drivers
Win10 Home
OSG 3.6.4


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