[osg-users] [osgPlugins] Video Integration in OSG

Franz-Josef Schneider osgforum at tevs.eu
Mon Sep 30 08:14:37 PDT 2019

First thanks Raymond for your reference to the osgrecipes package with VLC integration. I have overlooked it at GitHub. I think, I try to switch to VLC.

Hello Robert,
Sorry for my unprecise statements. I currently use osg3.6.4 with the 3rd party VS2017_V141_x64_v1_full package, osgAudio2.0 with newest FMOD all under Windows2010.  I'm not the installation expert. I use CMAKE to produce my VS2017 projects and than VS2017 to produce my plugins. OSG, 3rdParties, osgAudio with FMOD (with few changes) all work fine.
I like in addition to integrate ffmpeg4.2.1. In earlier times some clever students of mine made the integration of ffmpeg 2013-10-22 in OSG3.0.1, but students come and students go.
Now today: A first, may be little problem, regards to the osg/src/Plugins/ffmpeg folder. I got no VS-Project-File with CMAKE. 
But the main problem for me is the installation of the ffmpeg-package itself. It's not an OSG issue as I mentioned in my post before. First I can't use CMAKE, there is no CMakelist. So I like to compile it with help of the supplied shells (configure, Makefile) and MinGW. But I'm not able to compile it till yet. Configure Shell produces errors, so Makefile does'nt run. The whole installation of ffmpeg inside Window is cumbersome (for me). So I seek advice for an alternative in this forum.  

Best Regards


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