[osg-users] glClampColor with GL CORE profile

D. Christopher Fennell dchristopherfennell at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 19 09:16:06 PDT 2019


I get an "invalid enumerant" when running glClampColor in GL core profile. This occurs when GL_CLAMP_VERTEX_COLOR and GL_CLAMP_FRAGMENT_COLOR are applied. GL reference page says this will happen if anything but GL_CLAMP_READ_COLOR is used, but that may be old info. Also, I do not see those values declared in glcorearb.h like they are in glext.h. (I know they are declared in ClampColor header, but the above tells me those values may have been removed).
My work-around is to use OSG_GL3_AVAILABLE to not apply this with the offending values.

I guess my question is: Am I right? Or am I not setting something up correctly?


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