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Paul Leopard paul.leopard at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 07:47:28 PDT 2019


What would be the best approach to solve the following problem where I need one node to be updated through a callback to face another node? I understand how to get a node to face the screen with a billboard but that's not the problem here... 

Here is the problem:

I've got a satellite node that is a child of a PAT and currently, I am updating that PAT position only to orbit the satellite around a planet node. I want to update the satellite PAT rotation also so that the satellite Z-Axis always faces the planet node origin. So, I need to compute the proper rotation Quat …


Quat GetRotation( const Vec3& tgtPos, const Vec3& subjectPos )
Quat ret = what?;
return Quat;

Vec3 targetPosition(...);
Vec3 satellitePosition(...);
Quat rotation = GetRotation( satellitePosition, targetPosition );

satellitePAT->setPosition( satellitePosition );
satellitePAT->setRotation( rotation );

What would be the best approach for the calculations in GetRotation(...)  using OSG functions? I can work out the math on my own but I'd like to know if there are any cool OSG utilities to do this.

Thank you!


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