[osg-users] Convert .earth file to .osg format

Steven Jones stevenj279 at gmail.com
Fri May 3 11:47:00 PDT 2019

Hi Chris "D",

Thanks - I'd done some researching and came to the same basic conclusion... For now, I'm going to trust that the values are as they should be...

I've created a VRT file using gdalbuildvrt but am not sure how that can be used now to ultimately create an osg (or osgb) file to use within my application to view it in 3D.

The files used to build the vrt were both elevation and imagery GeoTiffs, and I used the -separate option (tried it without and after a little over 1,000  files were processed, gdalbuildvrt stopped due to too many errors. (The mosaic has 600+ elevation files and 4,000+ imagery files - error was likely due to differences related to the number of bands and float versus int.)

How best to proceed?




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