[osg-users] Rendering a Depthmap

Lucas Amparo lucas.barbosa at fieb.org.br
Tue Jun 4 11:28:10 PDT 2019

Hi, everyone

I'm trying to render a depthmap using shaders. Very simple, just using the distance from an arbitrary point P to the camera's eye. That map will be deprojected into a pointcloud.

The problem is an unexpected (by me lol) behavior from the deprojection. Using a tutorial (can't post links yet), I've done the work but the result seems weird.

For example, if I had a perfect wall on the scene, the depthmap is projected similar to a "rinnegan" (do you remember naruto? Is the best way to represent the problem kkkk)

Someone already did something similar to that? What's the best way to make a depthmap on OSG? Tutorials, examples, books are very welcomed.

Thank you!


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