[osg-users] Resolution of .earth vice .osg/.ive Formats?

Steven Jones stevenj279 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 2 07:24:26 PDT 2019

I've noticed that there is a rather large difference in the resolution of the terrain when rendered in OSG using different methods.

For example, when I view a terrain database in the .earth format, the resolution of the terrain is very noticeably higher than the resolution of the terrain in both the .ive and .osg formats (using the exact same imagery and elevation tiles).

Is there a method to increase the resolution level for the .osg/.ive data?

I use osgdem to create the .osg and .ive tile sets - see following example for the .ive format:

osgdem --TERRAIN --no-terrain-simplification --npot --BuildOverlays True --blending-policy ENABLE_BLENDING --PagedLOD --interpolate-imagery --mip-mapping-imagery -l 8 -d C:\DB\N33\W118\Mosaic\Ele -t C:\DB\N33\W118\Mosaic\Img -gb -118.02500000000000568 32.86983438499999721 -116.97499999999999432 34.13016561500000279 -o dbtest.ive



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