[osg-users] [build] Building OSG 3.6.4 in Win64 TDM GNU.

Zachary1234 osgforum at tevs.eu
Wed Jul 31 22:05:00 PDT 2019

-For the sake of my issue, I can't use .dll files.  I need the static library files for Win64, be they .lib or .a files, along with the needed .h header files.

-Inside my pacman run on 64 bit Windows MSYS2, where do I go to find my static library file content for OSG?  Where are the file and directory names that I need and am expecting to find?

-If what I seek isn't there as a result of the pacman run from before, is there something else similar I can do, via pacman or another MSYS2 command line run, in order to get the (compiled and built) static library and header files I need to program and run OSG 3.4.X via TDM C++ on Win64, by means of publicly available content servers available through the internet?

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