[osg-users] Android: Survive Context Loss without complete reinitialization

Martin Siggel martinsiggel+osg at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 15:17:38 PDT 2019

Dear Robert,

what is the correct order of the calls I have to made? :
a) Context detroyed
b) call releaseGLObjects. This required a state argument. Which state
do I have to put in here? Is it sufficient to call this on the root
node of my scene graph?
c) what about osg::flushAllDeletedGLObjects? Is this called automatically?

Or do I have to call releaseGlObjects BEFORE the context is destroyed?

Sorry for asking these probably stupid questions.

What would be a more standard way of doing things (on android)? Is a
context loss so exotic?

Regarding VSG: I'd really love playing around with Vulkan.
Unfortunately, two things are making me to stick to OpenGL:
1) Vulkan requires Android 8. Therefore, many phones would not be supported.
2) Not enough time to get into Vulkan at the moment :(

I actually don't need much features, so VSG might be nice in future:
 - Geometry creation from own tesselations
 - Edge/Line rendering
 - Picking / Intersections
 - Custom Shaders
 - Text Nodes


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