[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-3.6.4-rc6 tagged

Thomas Hogarth thomas.hogarth at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 09:40:35 PDT 2019

Hey Robert

I have just checked in fix based on the above added handling of ANDROID:
> https://github.com/openscenegraph/OpenSceneGraph/commit/ccbc632afc240113aa7c8cffb37ce69fed45edd5
> Could you test and let me know if this works fine. Once I have positive
> feedback I'll make the new 3.6 rc.

I was just about to send the exact same as a pull request. I've just
updated my branch to the latest 3.6 and CMake ran fine. It's just building
now but I don't see there being any issues.

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