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Tue Jul 2 09:02:19 PDT 2019

Hi all,I’m just rendering a simple Cylinder. It’s code as following. I repeated load it 10 times.
osg::ref_ptr<osg::TessellationHints> hints = new osg::TessellationHints;  hints->setDetailRatio(100.0f);
geode->addDrawable(new osg::ShapeDrawable(new osg::Cylinder(osg::Vec3(6.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f), _radius, _height), hints)); 
when I first push ‘s’ ,the frame of the scene is about 60Hz and then I countinue push ‘s’, the frame would drop to 40Hz, finally I push ‘s’, the frame just is 20Hz. 
The sum cost time of event update cull draw and gpu is about 14.5ms(62Hz),not the same as above 20Hz, I don’t know why? Could anyone give me some advice?
Best wishes!
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