[osg-users] Convert .earth file to .osg format

Chris Hanson xenon at alphapixel.com
Mon Apr 29 16:02:07 PDT 2019

On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 9:09 PM Steven Jones <stevenj279 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I receive no error messages, and the build completes, but when I use
> osgviewer to inspect the .ive file, it is completely flat - no visible
> change in elevation - terrain resolution is perfect though.

  Is the imagery in place and proper resolution?

> Below is the command line that I've used to build the database - I've
> changed the LOD level to various settings, even up to 8, and tried other
> settings based on osgdem's -h info (such as --PagedLOD), but no joy.
> osgdem --geocentric -t C:\DB\N33\W118\004_Imagery -d
> C:\DB\N33\W118\001_Elevation -l 8 -o db.ive

  What elevation units is your elevation data in?

  Can you verify that OSG or osgDEM is able to read it ok otherwise? Do you
have any other known-good sample data to throw at it to see if your
elevation file values just aren't being understood correctly?

> Also, if I create the database as .osg instead of .ive, osgviewer throws
> the following error:  "Problem, no locator found in any of the terrain
> layers."

  Is your OSG even built with the deprecated .osg format plugin?

  You can save as the more modern .osgb (binary) and .osgt (text) formats
instead of .osg and .ive. They are preferred now, though I haven't tried
them with VPB/osgdem myself.

  If you can get it into .osg or .osgt format -- or use osgconv to convert
the successful .ive file(s) to .osg/.osgt you might be able to examine the
data values in the created rasters and see if there are all zeros or just
some VERY small values.

> Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but for the life of me I can't get
> past this point... ;-(   (It is very important that the database render the
> elevation in a 3D format.)
> One other item of interest is that neither --interpolate-imagery nor
> --interpolate-terrain work in osgDem... They both throw errors that they
> are unrecognized commands. The version of VPB/osgDem I'm running is 0.9.11
> (I was trying different options to generate the database when I encountered
> this.)

  Huh. I can't recall if I ever used them. You'd have to look into the
source to see if they're even there or if they're able to be made to work.

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