[osg-users] Convert .earth file to .osg format

Steven Jones stevenj279 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 19:12:32 PDT 2019

I'd downloaded that guide before and briefly reviewed it, but that was when I first installed VPB but hadn't yet tried it.

It would certainly be much more efficient to combine the imagery and elevation data and create an osg or ive formatted database.

But, since I have so many GeoTiffs and elevation files, is it possible to just point to the specific folder for each type on the command line?

For example, here's the general structure for the imagery:


The imagery files in this directory are L0 through L08

Each of these sub-directories contain multiple sub-sub-directories, named U0 through U"X" (some have 20 or more folders).

File names follow this naming convention:

N33W118_D004_S001_T001_L03_U0_R6a.tif etc...

The structure is basically the same for the elevation data:


The overall database format follows what is common for the CDB format.

The document you referenced shows listing of individual files to be merged/combined - Pointing to the overall sub-directories would be much easier, if that's possible...


Thank you!


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