[osg-users] Image capture in memory

Catalin Flower inbox.icf at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 01:34:00 PDT 2019

Hi Alberto,

This example is half baked as I see it:

if you run it:

osgposter.exe cow.osg --inactive --use-pbuffer

--inactive - suppose to be without windows but it creates a window anyway
--use-pbuffer still creates a window

This is the code path that I tried to import in my app but no image is generated and it creates a black .bmp image.

if you run it:

osgposter.exe cow.osg 

if you can see the cow in a window and you can press 'P' and it captures an image fine to the disk

I need a simple example to capture an image off-screen without any windows popping up on screen. This is a basic feature that should be simple implement and understand.

Does OSG even support such a basic feature?

Thank you!


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