[osg-users] Convert .earth file to .osg format

Steven Jones stevenj279 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 06:31:18 PDT 2019

Chris - Thanks for the answer. I do understand the nuts & bolts of the OSG architecture, but was looking for a way to further streamline loading of a very large quantity of GIS imagery and elevation data that are referenced within the .earth file (over 4,000 images and close to 1,000 elev files). 

They are all GeoTiffs, and I've already run the compression tools (GDAL) to reduce the size of the imagery to increase performance/reduce load time. 

Given its size, it's likely that the .earth file is going to be the best/simplest option overall.

On a side note, I'm seeing the borders around all of the tiles when I view this terrain database in osgearth_viewer, and I'm not sure how to eliminate them. They are all very fine black lines, and I'm sure the georeferencing for each tile/GEOTiff is correct. Hopefully there's a way to remove them through a setting in the .earth file, but I've been unsuccessful so far.



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