[osg-users] EditorConfig file?

Chris Djali krizdjali at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 11:19:00 PDT 2019


Here's a list by file extension of which indentation styles are used. Annoyingly, a lot of the file extensions that always have tabs somewhere often have spaces, too, so it's not quite as simple as declaring all .java files use tabs (although I'm assuming they all used tabs when they were added and then were edited later to have tabs in places).

I'm going to use my best judgement based on how things look and what directory they're in etc. but I'm just posting this to illustrate that it's become a mess and that's why I've not just jumped in with a pull request. Hopefully, when it's done for OSG, it'll be convincing enough that VulkanSceneGraph has a .editorconfig file from early on in the project, and whitespace problems will never come up.

> .1: unindented
> .README: unindented
> .bat: unindented
> .c: mixed, spacey, tabby
> .cfg: spacey
> .cmake: mixed, spacey, unindented
> .cpp: mixed, spacey, tabby, unindented
> .css: tabby
> .h: mixed, spacey, tabby, unindented
> .hpp: spacey, unindented
> .html: mixed, tabby, unindented
> .in: spacey, unindented
> .inst: tabby
> .java: mixed, tabby
> .js: spacey
> .l: mixed
> .m: mixed, spacey
> .md: spacey, unindented
> .mk: tabby
> .mm: mixed, spacey
> .nib: spacey, tabby
> .osgt: spacey
> .plist: spacey
> .properties: unindented
> .rc2: unindented
> .rc: spacey, unindented
> .strings: unindented
> .txt: mixed, spacey, unindented
> .xml: mixed, spacey, tabby
> .y: spacey
> .yml: spacey
> : mixed, spacey, tabby, unindented


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