[osg-users] the speed of PagedLOD create nodes

Qi Liu 748503128 at qq.com
Thu Sep 20 01:07:40 PDT 2018

I am a new to OSG and I am not very good at English. I am grateful if you can give me some suggestions how to  increase the speed of creating nodes by PagedLOD. My problem is:
1)my scene model is very big, about 8 million nodes;
2)I can not load all the nodes at once(Memory will be very large,about 12GB).Then I put a node in PagedLOD if the radius of the node's bounding box is lower than a fixed threshold(threshold =40000), so the number of PageLod is very large,by this way the memory is lower.
3)I use: viewer.getDatabasePager()->setTargetMaximumNumberOfPageLOD(100000) as the max num of PageLod nodes ,and I set the range to the node by setRange(0, 0, 100000)  which is much bigger than the radius of the node's bounding box, so the node can be create if the camera move near to it.
4) When the scene is rendered,some part of the scene is loading slowly.
5)I create a node by drawable and the time to create a node is about 0.01s.
6) my environment: WIN10 64bit  OSG 3.4  VS2017

The PagedLOD is multi-threaded? How can I make it faster to create the PagedLod nodes?

Thank you very much for reading my question!


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