[osg-users] Idea to implement a kind of 'rubber mode'

Voerman, L. l.voerman at rug.nl
Wed Sep 12 02:06:52 PDT 2018

Hi Christoph,
attached is an osg file that does what I think you want,
unzip and view with:
"osgviewer cow.osg.0,-5,0.trans erasor.osg.10,10,10.scale"

The osg file works by using a low (negative) render bin number to force the
draw order,
first renderbin -2 draws the erasor geometry and the outline,
than renderbin -1 renders an invisible quad (colormast all OFF)
to fill the depth buffer with 0 (depth range 0-0),
so it's pixels won't be overwritten by the normal rendering done later.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 7:59 AM Christoph Dohmen <christoph.dohmen at cae.de>

> Hi Chris,
> the original goal is drawing a decorated line where the decoration
> interrupts and keep the background visible. I tried to visualize the
> elements and the seps which are acutally working. I got a few keywords like
> 'stencil', 'render to texture' but the samples are all related to textured
> items covering textured items and not to polylines covered by textured
> items.
> Thank you!
> Cheers,
> Christoph
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