[osg-users] Osgdem created terrains not displaying textures on MacOS

D.J. Caldwell dlcaldwelljr at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 12:31:44 PDT 2018

We have run into an issue using textured terrain files under the MacOS that
have been created using the osgdem utilities of Virtual Planet Builder. The
terrains have been created on both Linux and the Mac directly and display
OK under Linux.  On the Mac we are seeing the following error when
displaying the terrain file “Warning: detected OpenGL error ‘invalid
operation’ at after RenderBin::draw(..)”.  The terrain is displayed but no
texture is displayed.

We have a cross platform software system developed for solar system scale
visualization of spacecraft systems that runs under Windows, Linux and
Mac.  The Mac port is a recent addition.  We provide the ability to have
terrain for planets and moons.  These terrain files are working fine under
Windows and Linux, but are not displaying properly (as described above) on
the Mac.   We are using OSG 3.4 and VPB-master as of that release.  We have
created terrain files on both the Linux and Mac systems with the resultant
model files working on Linux, regardless of where the files were created.
Neither work on Mac properly. The Mac Laptop is running 10.12.6 Sierra with
a GeForce GT750M 2G graphics card.

Some additional information:  Other model files of all different formats
seem to work fine on the Mac including ive, osgb, flt, fbx, and obj.  These
models display fine with their textures on the Mac.

A simple test we ran was downloading the Blue Marble imagery, specifically
world.topo.bathy.200410.3x5400x2700.jpg and created a whole earth model
using “osgdem --terrain --geocentric --radius-polar 6371000
--radius-equator 6371000 --whole-globe -t
world.topo.bathy.200410.3x5400x2700.jpg –l 4 -o
wholeEarthBlueMarbleTest.ive”.  This displays fine on our Linux machine but
not the Mac.  We created the terrain on both machines for testing
purposes.  We have also added the texture type options, trying compressed,
rgba-compressed, rgba, rgb-16.

Any insight into this problem would be appreciated.


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