[osg-users] Matrices with Camera and CameraManipulator

Tim Whowantstoknow Tare.noN at web.de
Fri Oct 19 05:54:30 PDT 2018


I am trying to figure out, how the ViewMatrix is calculated in a specific setup:

I have a View with a Camera Manipulator.
This View also has a Master Camera (which should be affected by the Camera Manipulator). Since I have a fullscreen modus that spans two screens, I have a slave camera for both screens that basically work by offsetting the projection matrix.

In general this technique works fine, but for my shaders I need to set the view and projection matrices correctly. However I don't really see how the View Matrix is calculated (or rather how I need to set it in my Uniform Update Callback). 

Does the Master camera "inherit" the Camera Manipulators Matrix as its View Matrix or is there more to it?

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