[osg-users] OpenGL viewport error (with Oculus)

Riccardo Corsi riccardo.corsi at kairos3d.it
Wed Oct 17 03:43:30 PDT 2018

Hi all,

when using my application with the Oculus I get the following GL error at
every frame:
*Warning: detected OpenGL error 'invalid operation' after applying
attribute Viewport *

This error is coming from the call RenderStage::drawImplementation()
the _viewport is valid. I'm not so familiar with the backend to understand
where this error might come from.
Any hint to debug this?

Note: I'm using the Oculus through osgOculusViewer
The sample Oculus viewer works fine without GL errors.
My app is setup the same way, I cannot spot any sensible difference.

I'm using win10, osg 3.6.3

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