[osg-users] General Users starting questions in OSG 3.0, 3.5

A Z poweruserm at live.com.au
Sun Oct 14 20:59:06 PDT 2018

I have just finished going through 'OpenSceneGraph 3.0 Beginner's Guide'
and have been left with the following pretty simple questions.

-Is it always possible to avoid using Shaders, in OSG programming,
to acheive any particular task?

-Is it always possible to avoid using OSG Macros, in order to acheive
any particular task?

-Much of the dat astorage an input in the Beginner's Guide is Done using Vectors.
Is it possible to do things using 2D and 3D Point objects for things too?

-How can I convert between a Shape object and a Drawable object successfully
using OSG code?

-I was a little put back in the Beginner's Guide about code situations like

Page 197 , 5)  new SwitchingCallBack

Is it possible to just directly create an object from a function or method name in C++?
Or does this example instantiate a class, that has defaulting, automatically-to-be called
logic always placed inside an operator() method?

-In a situation where I plan to create my 3D objects in Blender 3D, wit their points,
edges, surfaces, materials and or textures, and save them to file, at this time,
what is the most comprehensive and simple Blender3D to OSG file saving format
recommended to be?

Is there one that can include Animation timeline information,
holding keyframes, that OSG can read in?  Is there one that recognises Bones and character
rigging?  What is the best Blender 3D plugin to use (not an additional OSG plugin)?
What comes recommended for this from OSG?

Many thanks, yours truly,


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