[osg-users] Questions about using OSG.

A Z poweruserm at live.com.au
Fri Oct 12 17:49:14 PDT 2018

To whom it may concern,

I have a group of basic startup questions about use of the OSG
C++ 3D graphics library.

-Is it compatible with Windows, Android, Max, Linux?

-Are prebuilt 64 bit Windows .dlls available for download?

-It it easily compatible with WXWidgets?

-Can I use it to load and display/manipulate my model objects
from Blender 3D?

-IS OSG a low level C functions library like OpenGL, or is
it a higher level C++, one like Java 3D for example,
where everything is clearly named?

-Can I avoid use of Shaders quite entirely
and systematically, all whatsoever, when programming
via OSG?

Yours truly,


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