[osg-users] [osgPlugins] building the fbx plugin

Tim Whowantstoknow Tare.noN at web.de
Thu Oct 11 06:13:19 PDT 2018

I finally figured out my problem. The FBX Solution needs the libfbxsdk, libxml2 and zlib .lib files
1. I was told to use the -md versions of the files
2. In VS in the Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies one of these was missing, i.e. cmake didn't fully configure this.

I first changed to the -md versions in cmake and afterwards added the missing .lib file, so I don't know if the first step really was necessary. With the two combined steps however it worked for FBX SDK 2019.2 for VS2017 and OSG 3.6.0

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