[osg-users] osg apps on gpu cluster

David Heitbrink david-heitbrink at uiowa.edu
Thu Oct 4 13:42:03 PDT 2018

GPU affinity is really only available with Quadro cards. AMD has there own system that is a little more complicated, and has a few more features....but I am not really experienced with those, and I believe they are only usable on the FirePro/Radeon Pro cards.

We have found setting the GPU affinity is an absolute must for multi GPU systems on windows.

Basically from what I understand, windows will by default dispatch the OpenGL commands to what it thinks is the fastest GPU in the system, then copies the result to the other GPU(s). Linux by default dispatches the commands to the GPU attached to the display the window is on......so setting the GPU affinity is most likely only worth while if you are using windows.

FYI I think this was the talk I sat through on the subject:

I do have an modification of OSG I could share that sets the GPU affinity mask.....but its ugly. 

You might also have to think about synchronization if you are driving multiple projectors that are blended to form a single image...and if you have a decent amount of motion, you can get noticeable tearing in the blend regions.

Read this topic online here:

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