[osg-users] osgEarth often crashes in multi-display extension mode

Judy 515415812 at qq.com
Mon Nov 26 00:06:58 PST 2018

Hi all,

I have successfully compiled the osg and osgEarth. During the debugging process, I found that when using a single display,viewer(osgviewer and osgearth_viewer) could successfully running the cow.osg and glsl.earth.

Now I want to use multi-display(two displays), the question is when using multi-display copy mode, the cow.osg and glsl.earth could be run successfully.But when using the multi-display extension mode, the cow.osg is runing OK, the glsl.earth crashes often occur(e.g. xxx has stopped working). 

Why does the osgEarth crash in multi-display extension mode?  I'm surprised by such a problem. Is it a hardware problem or a software problem? Could you give me some suggestion about this question?

Best regards!
Judy Fan.
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