[osg-users] possible (probable) state leakage in the master

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 11:52:27 PST 2018

Hi Nick,

I am working 100% on VSG most of my available work time right now.  On the
OSG side I'll be focused on bug fixes for the 3.6 branch, rather than
pushing development on OSG master.   My recommendation is that you test the
OSG-3.6 branch and see if the problem exists there, if it does create a
small example then I or others can test this and see if there is anything
amiss with your usage or with the OSG.  We can then get a fixed checked
into 3.6 branch.

If there are fixes in 3.6 that warrant a new release I'll look to getting a
3.6.4 stable release before Christmas, will need community support and
testing for this to happen.


On Mon, 19 Nov 2018 at 13:15, Trajce Nikolov NICK <
trajce.nikolov.nick at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> I was experiencing this the last month or a two with the master without
> making noise about but it seam it is a real problem. I was under lazy
> impression that maybe my implementation wsa wrong but now with very simple
> case I can reproduce it:
> I have two files, one simple geometry as ive with colors per vertex, and
> other file as obj without any materials. The colors from the first file are
> somehow getting it thru to the other model by simply osgviewer file1 file2.
> In previous facing of this behavior, I was having shaders in the scene
> where I wanted parts to be rendered by shaders, parts by ffp, in a
> scenegraph like this: root->child1 with shader, root->child2 ffp. After
> updating (was really about two months ago) to 3.6.3 if I can recall (or
> even now with the master) I had to explicitly disable the shader from
> child1 to not be applied to child2 by setting it an empty Program(
> setModeEtc...(new osg::Program) ).
> If you are not in rush and have some time I can send you the files I have
> here that reproduce the problem (not for public), just ping me.
> XUbuntu 16.04
> Windows 10
> osg 3.7.0
> Thanks a bunch as always!
> Cheers, Nick
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> trajce nikolov nick
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