[osg-users] [build] Viewer not working

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Mon May 28 00:26:19 PDT 2018

Hi Baka? Lavy?

On 27 May 2018 at 21:22, Baka Lavr <creeper88555 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, i newbie in osg.
> I compile and link the library. After i wrote simple code with viewer.
> But nothing happening, in log writen only: Process terminated with status -1 (0 minute(s), 0 second(s))

I am afraid there isn't any information in your email to give us any
clues as to what might be wrong so there is nothing anyone can do to
advice you of how to fix it.

The only thing we can do is ask you tell us more details about what
you are doing.  If you have simple code post it in this thread then
others can see what you are doing.

Please provide information about the OSG version/OS/build tools used for OSG.

Also check the stnardard osg examples like osgviewer.  Does it run?


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