[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph-3.6.1 release candidate 5 is tagged

Daniel Emminizer, Code 5773 dan.emminizer at nrl.navy.mil
Mon May 21 10:49:39 PDT 2018

Hi Robert,

Looks good on my side.  I ran it through all of my applications and I do not spy any regressions from this change.  Phew!

Thanks for the support.  I'm actually getting pretty excited about the Text now with our update to OSG 3.6.

If it's helpful -- I am also seeing the problem with precision that Glenn reported a few minutes ago with PR #548.  I can also vouch that his PR fixes the problem, and does not introduce any other issues in my applications.

 - Dan

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> Hi Dan,
> I have checked in a fix to the OpenSceneGraph-3.6 branch:
> https://github.com/openscenegraph/OpenSceneGraph/commit/eae5f9b958
> 59e0dd4f6c580bfc9b6f5efc623aed
> Fingers crossed this doesn't introduce any new regressions...
> Robert.

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