[osg-users] [forum] DXT texture compression

Roby Urban Chaos urbanchaos at email.it
Fri May 18 09:46:30 PDT 2018

I've understood.

With the same code, in the 3.0.1 version when compressing the RGB image to DDS, the image was flipped automatically according to DDS default.
To view in the correct way the DDS I always used "    osgviewer --image lz.dds -O "dds_flip"    "
With the newer version this is in reverse.

When running the applications with OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL=DEBUG, I can see the message "Flipping dds image on write" but this is not true.
The image was not flipped.

The RGB and DDS file were identical.

To view the DDS now it is sufficient to use "   osgviewer --image lz.dds    "

I expect the same result.


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