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Roby Urban Chaos urbanchaos at email.it
Fri May 18 07:08:15 PDT 2018

> For future reference, the best way for myself and others to be able to
> investigate issues is to have a complete compilable example like the
> attached one, otherwise it's a lot more work and far more likely to
> not recreate issues that you see, we basically have to take a best
> guess what we think you have, write it and hope for the best. Copy
> and pasting snippets is very poor second to having a compilable
> application.

I've got it.

the segmentation fault was due to a "new osg::State", instead of using the GraphicsContext ones.
See line 54 and line 58 of the code attached.

Now that the code works, the RGB texture was compressed to DDS but it is not flipped.

Could be that "osgDB::writeImageFile" use the RGB plugin to write the output instead of the DDS plugin?

Thank you!


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