[osg-users] [forum] DXT texture compression

Roby Urban Chaos urbanchaos at email.it
Fri May 18 04:46:49 PDT 2018


I'm sorry but the problem is that the post was automatically signed.

Now that I've changed the name, in according to the netiquette, the human name will appear.

Thanks for the information.

Going back to the code, below how I've realized a very small graphic context.


osg::ref_ptr<osg::GraphicContext::Traits> traits = new osg::GraphicContext::Traits;

traits->x = 1;
traits->y = 1;
traits->width = 1;
traits->height = 1;
traits->alpha = 8;
traits->windowDecoration = false;
traits->doubleBuffer = true;
traits->sharedContext = 0;
traits->pbuffer = 0;

osg::ref_ptr<osg::GraphicContext> gfx = new osg::GraphicContext::createGraphicsContext(traits.get());
if (!gfx || !gfx->valid())
// osg::notify - Unable to create a graphic context
return 1;


The code has stopped working since OSG 3.2.1.

Since 3.2.1, the RGB plugin shows a warning "RGB plugin does not supporting writing compressed imagery" and the DDS output was not flipped.
Since 3.4.1, I got a segmentation fault.

The code has been extracted from the "osgconv" applications (CompressTextureVisitor).

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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